Mass anti-Bolsonaro protests as Brazil faces 550,000 COVID fatalities

Hundreds of 1000’s of persons took to the streets of Brazil previous Saturday in a new spherical of protests versus fascistic President Jair Bolsonaro’s murderous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The protests took spot in hundreds of cities in all 26 Brazilian states and also overseas. In the major of the demonstrations, 70,000 men and women collected on Paulista Avenue in São Paulo, according to organizers.

It was the fourth working day of mass demonstrations in opposition to Bolsonaro due to the fact May perhaps 29, when avenue protests started to just take area just after a deadly 2nd wave of the pandemic in March and April, and amid the Senate Parliamentary Fee of Inquiry (PCI) investigation of the federal government’s conduct in combating the pandemic. The PCI has currently uncovered evidence of each a deliberate plan of herd immunity, i.e., permitting the virus unfold and infect the largest range of men and women, and of corruption in the government’s invest in of vaccines.

The demonstrations have been named by the so-called “Bolsonaro Out Nationwide Marketing campaign,” consisting of the Personnel Social gathering (PT) and other bourgeois functions such as the Socialist Celebration (PSB) and the Democratic Labor Party (PDT), along with the PT’s pseudo-still left satellites, this sort of as the Socialism and Flexibility Party (PSOL) and all the Brazilian union federations—including the PT-managed Minimize, the Morenoite Conlutas, joined to the pseudo-still left Unified Socialist Staff Occasion (PSTU), and Força Sindical, whose origins day back to the Brazilian military services dictatorship.

Mass protest on Paulista Avenue in São Paulo, July 24. (Credit: Mídia Ninja)

In a statement released on June 21, the Brazilian union federations affirmed that the demonstrations are supposed to “pressure the president of the Reduced Property, Arthur Lira,” who is responsible for deciding whether or not to open impeachment proceedings, “to put on the agenda one particular of the additional than one hundred impeachment requests.”

This demand from customers reveals significantly of the character of these organizations and wherever they are in search of to immediate the opposition in opposition to Bolsonaro. In 2019, the 1st calendar year of the Bolsonaro govt, Brazil saw the most significant demonstrations in several years in opposition to the federal government’s cuts on education and learning. Due to the fact then, the PT, the pseudo-remaining and the unions have all worked to divert this tremendous well known dissatisfaction at the rear of the capitalist condition, from the presidential elections to empty appeals to Congress and the Supreme Court docket against Bolsonaro. And they have used the demonstrations to decrease the massive social pressure from down below and to get this perhaps explosive motion less than handle.

Due to the fact 2019, the union federations have also started to hold joint May Day rallies, in which they have introduced the most suitable-wing figures in Brazilian politics onto their platforms. These are politicians responsible for carrying out broad attacks against the Brazilian doing the job course more than the a long time and who supported Bolsonaro’s election, even as they would afterwards try out to distance them selves from him. This predominantly features officers of the Brazilian Social Democracy Celebration (PSDB), who joined the last two May Day rallies that showcased the hated former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso. This calendar year, the governor of São Paulo, João Doria, was also anticipated to show up at it, but the Reduce, in watch of the extensive unfavorable repercussions, finished up blocking his participation.

This rotten political alliance culminated in the launching of a “super-request” for Bolsonaro’s impeachment by the PT, the PSOL and the unions together with considerably-suitable parties and figures. Amid Bolsonaro’s former supporters who signed the impeachment request sent on June 30 have been the reactionary federal deputies Alexandre Frota (PSDB) and Kim Kataguiri, of the liberal No cost Brazil Movement (MBL), a person of the leaders of the demonstrations for the impeachment of former PT president Dilma Rousseff in 2016 on trumped-up prices.