Legal Elite 2021: The Silver State’s Top Attorneys

Name Firm Practice Emphasis Years
Practicing in Nevada Navid Afshar Clark County Special Public Defender’s Office Criminal Law 3 Nima Afshar Clark County District Attorney’s Office Government Criminal Prosecution 4 Claudia Aguayo City of North Las Vegas Labor & Employment, Collective Bargaining, Public Safety 17 Michelle Alarie Armstrong Teasdale Litigation, Insurance Coverage, Employment & Labor 10 Ryan Alexander Ryan Alexander Personal Injury, Bankruptcy 12 Ryan Andersen Andersen Law Firm Bankruptcy 9 Paola Armeni Clark Hill Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, General Litigation 17 Christine Atwood Messner Reeves Litigation 4 Christian Augustin Claggett & Sykes Law Firm Personal Injury and Civil Litigation 5 Mary Bacon Spencer Fane Business Litigation 8 Brittni Bailus Lincoln Gustafson & Cercos Construction, Personal Injury, General Civil Litigation 5 Christian Balducci Marquis Aurbach Coffing Litigation, Health Care Law, Real Property 8 Jeffrey Barr Armstrong Teasdale Commercial Litigation, Real Estate, Crisis Management 20 James Beckstrom Marquis Aurbach Coffing Litigation, Contract Litigation, Business Agreements 5 Marcus Berg Moss Berg Injury Lawyers Automobile Crashes, Slip & Falls,  Workers’ Compensation 15 Todd Bice Pisanelli Bice Complex Commercial Litigation, Appeals, Regulatory Matters 28 Anaeita Biesiada Shumway Van Did Not Disclose 4 Christopher Blakesley II LBC Law Group Personal Injury, Criminal Defense 9 Brian Blaylock Snell & Wilmer  Corporate & Securities, Commercial Agreements, Mergers & Acquisitions 8 Gina Bongiovi Bongiovi Law Firm Business 13 Michael Bonner Greenberg Traurig Corporate, Gaming 39 John Bragonje Lewis Roca  Alternative Dispute Resolution,
Banking and Lending Disputes 15 Alison Brasier Hicks & Brasier  Personal Injury 13 Jennifer Braster Naylor & Braster Attorneys at Law Commercial Litigation 14 Shemilly Briscoe Briscoe Law Group Construction Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Contractor Licensing 14 Amanda J. Brookhyser Garg Golden Law Firm Personal Injury Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Labor and Employment 11 Alexis Brown Alexis Brown Law Civil Litigation, Real Estate, Personal Injury 9 Alexander Calaway Marquis Aurbach Coffing Litigation, Business and Commercial Law 1 Daven Cameron Cameron Law Personal Injury 4 Yolanda Carapia De Castroverde Law Group Personal Injury 2 Andrea Champion Bailey Kennedy Civil Litigation, Business/Corporate, Appellate 6 Jessica Chong Spencer Fane Civil Litigation 6 Hai Ling Chu HLC Legal Estate, Probate, Contracts 9 Jonathan S. Chung The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group Family Law 3 Dylan Ciciliano Garman Turner Gordon Commercial Litigation 9 Douglas Cohen Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman & Rabkin Plaintiffs’ Personal Injury, Business Torts, Business Litigation 35 Christopher Connell Connell Law Personal Injury, Real Estate, Business Litigation 8 Kyle Cottner Kaplan Cottner Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, DUI Defense 8 John Courtney LBC Law Group Personal Injury, Business Law, Criminal Defense 12 Maximiliano Couvillier III Kennedy & Couvillier Civil Litigation, Entertainment and Sports Law, Appeals and Administrative Law 19 Nicholas Crosby Marquis Aurbach Coffing Labor & Employment, Litigation, Constitutional Law 16 Hayley Cummings Snell & Wilmer Commercial Litigation 2 Hunter Davidson Cogburn Law Personal Injury 2 Stephen A. Davis Jones Lovelock Construction Law, Business Litigation, Appellate 4 William Devine II Devine Law Firm Bankruptcy, Asset Protection, Business Law 13 Anthony DiRaimondo Rice Reuther Sullivan & Carroll Commercial Litigation 13 Sabrina Dolson The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group Family Law 7 Cary Domina Peel Brimley  Construction Litigation 13 Robert Draskovich The Draskovich Law Group Criminal Defense 23 Andrew Dunning LBC Law Group Commercial Litigation, Business Law, Personal Injury 5 Dana Dwiggins Solomon Dwiggins Freer & Steadman Trust & Estate Litigation, Business Litigation, Trust & Estate Administration 21 Emily Dyer Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck Commercial Litigation 3 Adam Ellis Panish Shea & Boyle Injury 3 Phil Erwin Campbell & Williams Complex Commercial Litigation 11 Michael Esposito Kravitz, Schnitzer, Johnson, Watson & Zeppenfeld Civil Litigation, Business Litigation, Insurance Defense 6 Lars Evensen Holland & Hart Bankruptcy, Construction,  Commercial Litigation 18 Chad Fears Evans Fears & Schuttert Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices,
Intellectual Property,
Business Torts 21 Michael Feder Dickinson Wright Business Litigation, Intellectual Property, Sports & Entertainment Law 20 Christopher Ford Ford & Friedman Family Law Litigation, Complex Divorce, Child Custody 11 Cory Ford Lagomarsino Law Civil Rights, Estate Planning, Business Litigation 2 Alan Freer Solomon Dwiggins Freer & Steadman Trust and Estate Litigation, Trust & Estate Administration, Business Litigation 19 David Friedman Messner Reeves Real Estate 45 Matthew Friedman Ford & Friedman Complex Divorce, Family Law, Appellate Practice 11 Alex Fugazzi Snell & Wilmer Commercial Litigation, Cannabis, Professional Malpractice and Liability 16 Adam Fulton Jennings & Fulton  Business Litigation, Cannabis Law, Personal Injury 11 Christian Gabroy Gabroy Law Offices Litigation 16 Sydney Gambee Holland & Hart Banking Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Healthcare Law 4 Joseph Ganley Hutchison & Steffen Corporate & Commercial Law, Business Law & Commercial Litigation, Construction Law 25 Rex Garner Fox Rothschild Litigation, Financial Services Industry 16 Jennifer Gaynor J. Gaynor Law Gaming, Liquor, Government Relations 15 Elias George H1 Law  Business Litigation and Land Use / Zoning 9 Angel Getsov Eglet Adams Complex Civil Litigation, Mass Torts, Class Action 3 Ramez Ghally Hutchison & Steffen Business Law & Commercial Litigation,
Administrative Law, Corporate & Commercial Law 1 Nedda Ghandi Ghandi Deeter Blackham Bankruptcy, Family Law 12 Charles Gianelloni Snell & Wilmer  Commercial Litigation, Cannabis, Blockchain 8 Gerald Gillock Gerald I. Gillock & Associates Medical Malpractice, Birth Injuries, Brain Injuries 50 Joshua Gilmore Bailey Kennedy Commercial Litigation, Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility 11 Stephanie Glantz Bailey Kennedy  Complex Civil Litigation, Appellate Advocacy, Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility 2 Katie Goldberg Goldberg Injury Law  Personal Injury 6 Dara Goldsmith Goldsmith & Guymon Probate, Elder Law, Estate Planning 29 Richard Gordon Snell & Wilmer  Commercial Litigation, Financial Services Litigation, Insurance 16 Ryan Gormley Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial  Complex Civil Litigation and Appeals 6 Rusty Graf Black & Wadhams Real Estate, Commercial Litigation 23 Caleb Green Dickinson Wright  Intellectual Property, Government Affairs, Immigration and Cyber-Security 1 Thomas Grover Blackrock Legal Trust Litigation, Estate Probate 9 Theresa Guerra Snell & Wilmer Commercial Litigation 1 John Gutke Gutke Law Group Complex Business,  Commercial Litigation 14 Derek Hatch Jeffrey Burr Estate Planning, Tax Litigation 12 Dale Hayes Hayes Wakayama  Personal Injury Law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense 32 Candace Herling Messner Reeves Appellate, Litigation, Professional Liability 6 Jared Herling Heaton & Associates Plaintiff Medical Malpractice, Plaintiff Personal Injury, Plaintiff Slip and Fall  7 Kevin Hernandez Law Office of Kevin L. Hernandez Identity Theft, Debt Collection Abuse, Illegal Credit Reporting. 9 Robert Hernquist Howard & Howard Intellectual Property Litigation, Financial Institutions, Construction 13 Lawrence C. Hill Lawrence C. Hill and Associates Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Immigration 10 Dustun Holmes Pisanelli Bice Business, Complex Commercial Litigation 8 Eric Hone H1 Law  Commercial & Business Litigation, Construction, Corporate 17 W. Michael Horvath The Draskovich Law Group Criminal Defense, Personal Injury 3 Michael Hua Michael Hua Injury Law Personal Injury, Litigation 3 Mark Hutchison Hutchison & Steffen Administrative & Regulatory Law, Appellate Litigation, Business Law & Commercial Litigation 28 Tin Hwang Hwang Law Group Family Law, Personal Injury, Immigration 5 Lee Iglody Iglody Law Commercial Litigation 19 Jared Jennings Jennings & Fulton  Real Estate, Family Law 19 Prescott Jones Resnick & Louis General Civil Litigation, Insurance Coverage, Corporate/Cannabis Law 11 Kory Kaplan Kaplan Cottner Complex Civil Litigation, Business Litigation, Personal Injury. 7 Todd Kennedy Kennedy & Couvillier Litigation, Commercial Matters, Appeals 24 Daniel Kiefer Lee Kiefer & Park Trust & Estate Litigation, Trust & Estate Appeals, Civil Litigation 9 Christopher Kircher Semenza Kircher Rickard Personal Injury, Commercial Litigation and Collections 12 Jennifer Ko Craft Dickinson Wright Copyright & Trademark Law, Intellectual Property, Sports & Entertainment Law 18 David Koch Koch & Scow Business, Intellectual Property, Real Estate Litigation 17 John Krieger Dickinson Wright  Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Entertainment & Sports 24 Marta Kurshumova Jones Lovelock Complex Commercial and General Litigation, Civil Litigation, Business Litigation 3 Kimber Laux McFarling Law Group Divorce, Custody, Family Law 1 Jeffrey Lavigne The Law Office of Kristian Lavigne & Associates Did Not Disclose 5 Charles Lee Garg Golden Law Firm Labor & Employment, Civil Litigation 6 Jenny Lee Jenny Legal Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury 8 Kennedy Lee Lee Kiefer & Park Probate, Trust Administration, Trust & Estate Litigation 9 Michael Lee Michael B. Lee Law Firm Business, Commercial, Real Estate 14 Patricia Lee Hutchison & Steffen  Business Law, Commercial Litigation,
Family Law 18 Ben Lehavi Ben’s Law  Business Litigation, Business Transactions, Commercial Real Estate 3 Alexander LeVeque Solomon Dwiggins Freer & Steadman Trust & Estate Litigation, Commercial Litigation, General Civil Litigation 12 Joseph Liebman Bailey Kennedy Real Estate Litigation, Healthcare Litigation, Product Liability 14 Amanda Litt Litt Law Firm Family Law, Personal Injury, Elder Abuse & Neglect 9 Geordan Logan Claggett & Sykes Law Firm Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Product Liability and Medical Malpractice 5 Nicole Lovelock Jones Lovelock Business Litigation, Construction Law, Complex Commercial and General Litigation 12 Ryan Lower Kaempfer Crowell Litigation 16 Jeffrey Luszeck Solomon Dwiggins Freer & Steadman Trust & Estate Litigation, Civil Litigation, Probate & Trust Administration 15 Scott Marquis Marquis Aurbach Coffing Real Estate, Litigation, Corporate 23 Briana Martinez Kaempfer Crowell Administrative & Regulatory Law, Business Law, Real Estate & Construction 2 Michael Matzke De Castroverde Law Group Personal Injury 3 Matthew McArthur Ballstaedt Law Firm Bankruptcy 11 Robert McCoy Kaempfer Crowell Commercial Litigation, Complex Civil Litigation,  Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Litigation 16 Jakub Medrala The Medrala Law Firm  Personal Injury, Real Estate, Civil Litigation 8 Jennifer Micheli Marquis Aurbach Coffing Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Insurance Defense 12 Kirill Mikhaylov  Howard & Howard  Real Estate, Intellectual Property Litigation, Construction 6 Kade Miller Snell & Wilmer  Corporate & Securities, Commercial Agreements, Real Estate 8 Samuel Mirkovich Campbell & Williams Personal Injury, Complex Commercial Litigation 11 Royi Moas Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman & Rabkin Litigation, Business Transactions, Plaintiff’s Personal Injury 13 Carlos Morales Morales Injury Law Accident & Injury Law 5 Kyle Morishita De Castroverde Law Group Immigration 6 Christian Morris Nettles Morris Personal Injury 12 Taylor Morris Morris Estate Planning Attorneys Estate Planning, Trusts, Probate 6 Jared Moser Marquis Aurbach Coffing  Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Real Estate 8 Boyd Moss Moss Berg Injury  Lawyers Automobile Crashes, Slip & Falls, Wrongful Death  17 Timothy Mott Valiente Mott Injury Attorneys Personal Injury 8 Cody Mounteer Marquis Aurbach Coffing Construction Contracting, Consulting/Risk Management 12 John Mowbray Spencer Fane Litigation & Dispute Resolution 44 Shaun Muaina Henness & Haight Personal Injury/Workers Compensation 8 Joanna Myers Holley Driggs Law Firm Intellectual Property, Entertainment 10 Stacy Newman Federal Public Defender Capital Habeas Litigation 4 Jaqueline Nichols Marquis Aurbach Coffing Government Entities, Municipal Law, Litigation 4 William Noall Garman Turner Gordon Business Restructuring, Bankruptcy 32 Timothy R. O’Reilly O’Reilly Law Group Litigation, Business, Real Estate 17 Dana P. Oswalt Benson & Bingham Personal Injury, Civil Litigation 6 Oliver Pancheri Santoro Whitmire  Construction Litigation, Business Litigation, Real Estate 20 Michael Paretti Snell & Wilmer  Commercial Litigation 5 Matthew Park Lee Kiefer & Park Trust & Estate Litigation, Trust & Estate Appeals, Civil Litigation 9 Sean Payne Rogers Mastrangelo Carvalho & Mitchell Personal Injury, Insurance Defense, Medical Malpractice 7 J. Stephen Peek Holland & Hart Commercial Litigation, Banking Litigation, Securities Litigation 48 Ryan Petersen Wiley Petersen Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Premises Liability 13 Christopher Phillips Phillips Ballenger Estate Attorneys Estate  18 James Pisanelli Pisanelli Bice Complex Commercial Litigation, Construction, Healthcare 30 Brandi Planet Lex Domus Law Estate & Legacy Planning, Business Litigation 11 Tara Popova Popova Law Commercial Litigation 10 Hayley Price Craig P. Kenny & Associates Civil Litigation, Criminal  3 Dennis Prince Prince Law Group Personal Injury, Insurance Law, Commercial Litigation 27 Taylor Randolph Randolph Law Firm Bankruptcy Law, Business & Commercial Law 14 Mitchell Resnick Resnick & Louis Insurance Defense Litigation, Coverage, & First Party Property Damage 10 Timothy Revero McAvoy Amaya & Revero, Attorneys Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Appellate Law 3 Jarrod Rickard Semenza Kircher Rickard Commercial Litigation, Land Use, Employment Law  14 Yasnai Rodriguez-Zaman The Dickerson Karacsonyi Law Group Family Law 3 Keivan Roebuck Roebuck Law Firm Personal Injury, Insurance Law, Traffic Tickets 5 L. Christopher Rose Howard & Howard Real Estate, Business, Automotive 20 Racheal Ross Nettles Morris Personal Injury 2 Mark Rouse The 702 Firm Personal Injury 10 Maria Veronica Saladino Rice Reuther Sullivan & Carroll Corporate, Business Transactions, Corporate Governance 4 Bethany Sanchez City Attorney’s Office-Henderson Land Development, Economic Development, Regulatory Compliance 16 Nicholas Santoro Santoro Whitmire Commercial Litigation, Business Torts, Real Estate Litigation 36 Jeff Scarborough Richard Harris Law Firm Personal Injury 4 Corey Schmutz Jeffrey Burr Estate Planning, Probate 10 Bradley Schrager Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman & Rabkin Elections, Government,  Political Law 14 Joel Schwarz H1 Law  Commercial & Business Litigation, Commercial Landlord-Tenant Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation 16 Jared Sechrist Garman Turner Gordon Commercial Litigation 14 Connor Shea Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck Commercial Litigation, Bankruptcy 3 James Shea Shea & Larsen Financial Institutions, Bankruptcy, Landlords 38 Jason Smith Santoro Whitmire Commercial Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Tort 15 Jordan Smith Pisanelli Bice  Complex Commercial Litigation, Appeals 10 Stephanie J. Smith Bendavid Law  Business Litigation, Employment Litigation, General & Complex Civil Litigation 12 Mark Solomon Solomon Dwiggins Freer & Steadman Trust & Probate Administration, Trust & Estate Litigation, Business Litigation 44 Doreen Spears Hartwell Hartwell & Thalackar Employment Law, Business Litigation 20 Debra Spinelli Pisanelli Bice Complex Commercial Litigation 15 Mark Starr Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck Gaming, Corporate, Business 3 Brian Steadman Solomon Dwiggins Freer & Steadman Estate & Tax Planning, Business Succession Planning, Trust & Estate Administration 13 John Steffen Hutchison & Steffen Administrative & Regulatory Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business Law & Commercial Litigation 29 Kelsey Stegall Littler Mendelson Labor & Employment Law 4 Kari Stephens Jeffrey Burr Probate, Trust Administration, Estate Planning 19 David Stern Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman & Rabkin Community Associations 1 Daniel Stewart Hutchison & Steffan Administrative & Regulatory Law, Constitutional Law, Corporate & Commercial Law 12 Thomas Stewart The Powell Law Firm Personal Injury, Appeals 4 David Straus Law Offices of David Straus Estate Planning, Trusts, Wills 29 Sarah Thomas Mead Law Group Construction, Construction Litigation, Commercial Litigation 6 Raleigh Thompson Kaempfer Crowell Litigation 12 Matthew Tsai Lewis Roca  Litigation and Disputes, Gaming, Tax 4 Travis Twitchell Bowler Dixon & Twitchell Business Law, Commercial Law, Estate Planning 18 Rachel Tygret Marquis Aurbach Coffing Estate Planning, Family Law, Probate 5 Jose E. Valenzuela III V3 Law Personal Injury, Business Litigation, Real Estate Litigation 9 Michael Valiente Valiente Mott Injury Attorneys Personal Injury 4 Dan Waite Lewis Roca  Litigation and Disputes, Real Estate, Real Estate Litigation 30 Melissa Waite Dickinson Wright  Real Estate, Cannabis, Development/Land Use 13 Liane Wakayama Hayes Wakayama  General Civil, Business, Probate/Trust Litigation 12 Eric Walther Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck Litigation 6 Brittnie Watkins Nevada Gaming Control Board Gaming 6 Kendal Weisenmiller Jeffrey Burr Probate, Trust & Probate Litigation 10 Mark Weisenmiller Garman Turner Gordon Business Restructuring, Bankruptcy 10 Larson Welsh Law Office of Hayes & Welsh Creditor’s Rights, Commercial Collections, Civil Litigation 9 Joseph Went Holland & Hart Commercial Litigation, Bankruptcy, Distressed Assets 16 Telia Williams Law Office of Telia U. Williams  Complex Civil Litigation 16 Jackie Witt Wood, Smith, Henning, and Berman Complex Civil Litigation, Insurance Litigation, Real Estate Law 3 Ryan Works McDonald Carano Bankruptcy, Insolvency, & Financial Restructuring, Commercial & Complex Litigation 16 Edward Wynder Mustang Law Preventing Injury 5 Tiffany Yang Ace Law Group Personal Injury, Employment Discrimination 1 Samantha Zabo Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada Child Welfare Law 1 Waleed Zaman Zaman & Trippiedi Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family Law 5 Kristopher Zeppenfeld Kravitz, Schnitzer, Johnson, Watson & Zeppenfeld Civil Litigation, Corporate, Real Property 10 Matthew Zirzow Larson & Zirzow Bankruptcy Law , Business Litigation  21