For Biden, Visuals of Defeat He Required to Stay away from

On Sunday, Mr. Biden was publicly silent. The White House produced a photograph of him in a video briefing at Camp David. He appeared alone in the photo, his aides beaming in. And it was remaining to them to make clear why he believed, in July, that the Afghan forces would place up a tough fight.

Republicans leapt on the photos of Americans remaining evacuated, naturally, and of Ashraf Ghani, the country’s president, who fled with no a succession program and with out a offer with the Taliban about the long term governance of the place — an settlement envisioned in the Trump-period offer.

Some of those Republicans experienced limited memories. Quite a few cheered on President George W. Bush when he requested the invasion of Afghanistan to rout Al Qaeda. They went alongside when he retained adding objectives: sending ladies to faculty, constructing a product democracy, re-envisioning the Afghan army as a miniature edition of United States forces, even if that model did not in good shape.

They applauded when Mr. Bush, in his second inaugural tackle in 2005, declared it would be the mission of the United States to advertise democracy all-around the earth. A decade later, they cheered Mr. Trump for stating America would get out of unwinnable wars. On Sunday, they chastised Mr. Biden for carrying through on the strategy, as if it would be cost-totally free.

“I consider it’s an unmitigated disaster,” Agent Michael McCaul of Texas claimed on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, contending that Afghanistan would return to “a pre-9/11 state — a breeding floor for terrorism.” Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken countered that the U.S. skill to detect, observe and destroy terrorists was much larger than it was two a long time ago.

But Mr. McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, seemed to be seeking out themes for the following election year when he explained of Mr. Biden: “He could have prepared for it. He could have experienced a technique for this.”

Now, he reported, “there is even now no system other than race to the airport and evacuate as many persons as you can.”