This week in US politics: Biden takes on Facebook, cosies up to Fox News, to battle vaccine hesitancy

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Joe Biden campaigned on making politics boring, and since taking office, he’s been called boring by everyone from Donald Trump to his top White House staffers (yes, even by us, too).

Just last week The New York Times published a widely shared analysis of how “mind-numbingly tedious” the “explainer-in-chief” can be.

So this week it was bracing, like stepping out into a stiff winter breeze, to see the President answer a question about vaccine misinformation spreading on social media

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‘It’s chilling what is happening’: a rightwing backlash to Biden takes root in Republican states | US politics

In his inaugural address in January, Joe Biden promised to use his presidency to “restore the soul of America”. He would unite the nation, defuse “anger, resentment and hatred”, and lead Americans back to a world where they treated “each other with dignity and respect”.

Six months later, Biden is still preaching the unity gospel, and regularly assures his fellow Americans that “there’s not a single thing we aren’t able to do when we do it together”.

Drive 1,400 miles west from the White House, to Dallas in Texas where Brianna Brown lives, and there’s little evidence of

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Kyrgyzstan in full command of Kumtor gold mine as Centerra usually takes lawful motion

Authorities in Kyrgyzstan reported they are in total handle of the giant Kumtor gold mine after getting over management of the mine from Canada’s Centerra Gold (CG.TO) which has taken authorized motion about the seizure.

Kumtor, the biggest foreign investment challenge in Kyrgyzstan, was operated by Centerra Gold till previous month when Kyrgyz lawmakers passed a law supplying the state power to quickly just take control of the mine and appoint “external management” to tackle alleged environmental and protection troubles.

The move arrived months immediately after nationalist politician Sadyr Japarov, a lengthy-time supporter of Kumtor nationalisation, won a landslide victory

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