From rorts to rollout failures, Australia requires a political reckoning

Has it occur to this? A prosperous and generous state finds itself led by another person who has clustered a fully avoidable, pricey and unpleasant failure in receiving COVID-19 vaccines into the neighborhood by responding with the brain-numbingly vacant two term slogan “COVID Shield”.

Any govt at Lowes would deliver it back again to the company. We have no this kind of choice.

As the week dragged on, Canberra far more and far more resembled Mad City – the Primary Minister wanting harried and hunted and the opposition leader impersonating Tim Shaw with a sack of steak knives.

It also

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Jair Bolsonaro is facing a political reckoning in Brazil. How far will it go?

The panelaços — the banging of pots and pans — became a socially distanced way for Brazilians to protest President Jair Bolsonaro during the pandemic. But last weekend, a year into a prolonged coronavirus crisis, hundreds of thousands marched in more than 200 cities across Brazil to demand Bolsonaro’s impeachment.

Signs bore slogans, such as “fora Bolsonaro” (“Bolsonaro out”) and “genocida,” a reference to Bolsonaro’s mismanagement of the pandemic, which has left more than 460,000 Brazilians dead, one of the worst death rates in the world.

Protesters blame Bolsonaro for it. Their case is now being backed up by

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