Brazil’s Bolsonaro shuffles cabinet, recreates labor ministry

BRASILIA, July 28 (Reuters) – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro appointed heart-correct Senator Ciro Nogueira as his chief of team on Wednesday to shore up waning political guidance in Congress, and recreated the labor ministry to deal with document unemployment.

Nogueira, a leader of the Progressives Occasion (PP) to which lessen property speaker Arthur Lira also belongs, will be Bolsonaro’s closest aide and minister, changing a retired standard.

His appointment is aimed at improving the much-correct president’s relations with Congress, in which there have been dozens of requests for his impeachment as his recognition drops in the course of the world’s

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The Neoliberal Australian Labor Party Once Tried to Nationalize the Banks

In 1947, Ben Chifley’s Labor government proposed nationalizing the country’s banks. It was the biggest challenge to capital by a reforming government in Australia’s history, igniting what historian A. L. May called “the Battle for the Banks.”

In response to Chifley’s move, competing factions of capital united, pooling their resources, connections, and institutions to face down the threat. The Australian capitalist class recognized that an attack on one section of capital by a Labor government threatened their collective interests.

To reinforce the campaign, the Right revived right-wing mass organizations dating back to the Great Depression and set up

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