This week in US politics: Biden takes on Facebook, cosies up to Fox News, to battle vaccine hesitancy

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Joe Biden campaigned on making politics boring, and since taking office, he’s been called boring by everyone from Donald Trump to his top White House staffers (yes, even by us, too).

Just last week The New York Times published a widely shared analysis of how “mind-numbingly tedious” the “explainer-in-chief” can be.

So this week it was bracing, like stepping out into a stiff winter breeze, to see the President answer a question about vaccine misinformation spreading on social media

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Fox News Hosts Smear Covid Vaccine, Despite Outbreaks Amid Unvaccinated

Though two of Fox News’s outstanding hosts and their guests have questioned vaccination initiatives, the channel has also developed its personal vaccine P.S.A., a 30-second location featuring the hosts and anchors Steve Doocy, Harris Faulkner, Dana Perino and John Roberts. “If you can, get the vaccine,” Ms. Faulkner claims in the advert.

Bret Baier, the chief political anchor of Fox News, mentioned in an Instagram article that he was “grateful” for the shot. In May, the hosts of “Fox & Friends” spoke on-air of their “relief” at acquiring vaccinated. And Ms. Faulkner hosted a key-time unique in February that

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