Canada’s Conservatives clearly show how dangerously skewed US politics have turn into

Canada, now in the midst of a tight election marketing campaign, offers a sturdy center class and a citizenry not prone to American-model insurrection or deadly political violence.

How did Canadians stay away from the extreme political, cultural and social polarization afflicting the United States?

In a nutshell, America’s political centerline skews to the appropriate when compared to most other state-of-the-art, industrialized democracies.

Certainly, the deep social and cultural fault traces dividing The usa are mainly absent in Canada. Possibly extra importantly, a relative dearth of money and corporate affect in the Canadian political program aids to sustain its

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Australia’s COVID imagery looks dangerously like our leaders’ authority is unravelling

The compassion our political leaders have expressed for the determined people striving to flee Kabul in the earlier couple of weeks has been noticeably bigger (if, shall we say, however alternatively constrained), than was revealed to asylum seekers from the similar nation 20 yrs in the past, or subsequently.

Even now not fantastic ample compassion for any one to escalate the level of rescue missions until eventually it was much too late. And not good enough to quit quite a few individuals — possibly Australian citizens as properly as standard Afghans who are now in fear for their life — 

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