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It seems to me, judging by the welter of correspondence been given by this column in the past six months, specifically, and the letters webpages of newspapers throughout the country, from metropolitan dailies to lesser regional publications, that Australians are fed up with the way of politics, in particular as exploited by the key get-togethers which are, justifiably, copping a lashing for their abject failure to talk with voters or understand their mounting considerations. Regular of the swing versus major functions is this letter from Rob Firth, of Cremorne, Sydney, to The SMH, final Friday: “I are living in

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US democracy: The danger in 2024 is ‘completely uncharted territory’

Steven Levitsky is a professor of authorities at Harvard College who research democratization and authoritarianism, with a target on Latin The usa. In 2018, he and fellow Harvard professor Daniel Ziblatt revealed “How Democracies Die,” which examined the difficulties in American politics in the context of other democracies’ backsliding into authoritarianism.

One particular of the book’s conclusions was that, in the fashionable era, democracies normally do not conclude in sudden coups. Fairly, they decline gradually as polarization divides a country and crucial institutions these types of as the judiciary and the media weaken.

Why We Wrote This

A Harvard scholar

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