Declassified documents show Australia assisted CIA in coup against Chile’s Salvador Allende | Foreign policy

Australia’s covert overseas spy agency, the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, opened a base in Santiago to assist in the US Central Intelligence Agency’s destabilisation of the Chilean government ahead of the bloody military coup against Salvador Allende’s socialist government 48 years ago today.

Declassified Australian government documents prove that in December 1970 Liberal foreign minister and later prime minister, Billy McMahon, approved an Asis request to open the base. For 18 months from 1971, according to the US-based National Security Archive, Asis apparently conducted covert operations in Chile – including handling CIA-recruited Chilean assets in Santiago and filing intelligence

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Guardian Australia launches new podcast, ‘Australia Reads’ | Guardian Australia push office environment

Guardian Australia has these days launched Australia Reads, a new podcast that supplies a persuasive way for audiences to experience some of Australia’s very best feature creating.

Three moments a 7 days – on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday – an editor from Guardian Australia’s newsroom selects and introduces a piece of Guardian journalism that they have uncovered specially captivating. The write-up is then examine aloud by a assorted pool of experienced voice actors, with just about every episode long lasting all over 15 minutes.

Episodes will attract on the Guardian Australia’s wide steady of journalism, from the narrative to the

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Will Rupert Murdoch’s Australia Local climate Rebrand Achieve The united states?

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, the biggest media business in Australia and a purveyor of weather denial during the country’s worst wildfire year in decades, is apparently eyeing anything of a rebrand. Many Murdoch-owned newspapers, together with the 24-hour Sky News channel, will subsequent thirty day period publish “features and editorials” as section of a marketing campaign endorsing net-zero emissions by 2050, the New York Situations experiences, a new editorial position with the opportunity to give “political go over for Australia’s conservative govt to end its refusal to established bold emission targets.” 

The transfer will come ahead of November’s

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Two anti-lockdown leaders arrested as protests held throughout Australia and New Zealand | Australia information

Two leaders of the anti-lockdown movement have been arrested in Australia and New Zealand in independent incidents, on the similar day protests had been held in defiance of continue to be-at-house orders in equally international locations.

On Tuesday early morning New Zealand police arrested 19 men and women during what they explained as a collection of “small” demonstrations outside governing administration and local council structures.

Among the those people arrested was Karen Brewer, an Australian-born conspiracy theorist who has pushed a collection of fringe and baseless suggestions all over the pandemic. NZ Law enforcement did not react to queries about

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Brexit: Cricket legend Ian Botham named UK’s new trade envoy to Australia

English cricket legend Sir Ian “Beefy” Botham has been appointed the UK’s new trade envoy to Australia, the government has exposed.

Intercontinental trade secretary Liz Truss stated the Brexit-backing athletics star would do a “brilliant job” drumming up trade for Britain as one of 10 new envoys about the world.

“Delighted we have appointed cricket legend Ian Botham as our new trade envoy to Australia,” the cupboard minister tweeted.

“Ian will bat for business enterprise down below and help them seize the opportunities designed by our historic trade offer. He’ll do a good occupation.”

A Depart campaigner, Sir Ian has

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Australia Flags Democracies’ Trade Swing From China to India | Enterprise Information

By ROD McGUIRK, Related Press

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australian special envoy and previous Prime Minister Tony Abbott explained a absolutely free trade arrangement in between his nation and India would sign the “democratic world’s tilt away from China.”

Abbott frequented New Delhi past 7 days as Australia’s specific trade envoy for India as the Australian govt offers precedence to sealing a bilateral trade deal.

In an feeling piece most likely to anger Beijing that that was revealed in The Australian newspaper on Monday, Abbott explained the “answer to practically each and every issue about China is India.”

“With the

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Australia at its finest and worst

Why was this amazing? For four causes. Initial, it represented a humble acknowledgement by the Key Minister that the present software was failing. Next, it was a perfectly-intentioned determination to try to deal with the challenge. Third, in its place of the before patronising approach to the needs of Indigenous Australia, the new Closing the Hole agreement is definitely a partnership.


“We weren’t at the table guiding government reforms, so I stated, ‘Bugger this – you just cannot retain doing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander operate with no us due to the fact it has no impact’,” Turner claims.

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From rorts to rollout failures, Australia requires a political reckoning

Has it occur to this? A prosperous and generous state finds itself led by another person who has clustered a fully avoidable, pricey and unpleasant failure in receiving COVID-19 vaccines into the neighborhood by responding with the brain-numbingly vacant two term slogan “COVID Shield”.

Any govt at Lowes would deliver it back again to the company. We have no this kind of choice.

As the week dragged on, Canberra far more and far more resembled Mad City – the Primary Minister wanting harried and hunted and the opposition leader impersonating Tim Shaw with a sack of steak knives.

It also

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Papua New Guinea’s Covid-19 crisis has become a political power play between China and Australia

Canberra has hit back at Beijing’s claims it is derailing the rollout of Chinese vaccines in Papua New Guinea (PNG), the most-populous Pacific nation. “We support Papua New Guinea making sovereign decisions,” Australia’s minister for the Pacific, Zed Seselja, said in an interview with CNN on Wednesday.

The islands’ location between US and Asia makes them key military staging grounds and the potential site of future defense installations for either Australia or China.

Australia has longstanding economic and cultural ties with the Pacific, and it is crucial to the country’s national security to ensure the Chinese government doesn’t gain a

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The Latest: Australia Official Urges Against AstraZeneca | Political News

BRISBANE, Australia — The top health official in Australia’s Queensland state is advising adults under age 40 not to take the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine because of the risk of a rare blood clotting disorder, even though the Australian government is making those shots available to all adults.

Queensland Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said Wednesday that younger adults should wait for the scarce Pfizer vaccine to become available. Young says that with only 42 coronavirus cases active in Queensland, AstraZeneca is not worth the risk for younger adults.

The federal government decided Monday to make AstraZeneca available to all adults

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Entrepreneurs experience fines as council in Australia introduces 24-hour ‘cat curfew’

It can be acknowledged that felines like to roam, but from the start off of Oct they will be subject to a “24-hour cat curfew” in one particular municipality in the Australian metropolis of Melbourne.

Launched by the Knox City Council, the new rule will call for house owners to keep their cats on their residence at all occasions.

“When authorized to roam, cats are at a a lot bigger threat of illness and personal injury,” Mayor Lisa Cooper claimed in a assertion. “Keeping cats in their owners’ assets also guards wildlife and prevents them resulting in nuisance for

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Most Australians expect politicians to lie, but we also think they should resign if they do, Australia Talks survey reveals

Australians overwhelmingly believe politicians who lie, pork-barrel, or wrongly claim taxpayer money should quit, the Australia Talks National Survey has revealed.

Most Australians are of the view that their political representatives are dishonest, unaccountable and

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Australia Talks reveals we have very little faith our politicians will do the right thing

Australia is struggling with a political confidence crisis, Australia Talks has revealed.

More than half of us think that corruption is commonplace. We don’t trust our politicians to do the right thing by us. And while we’re strongly of the view that they should resign if they lie, the data has revealed we’re also resigned to the likelihood that they will lie, and they’ll probably get away with it.

But first: the good news.

We credit the

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Australia stays sidelined as West unites to sanction China

Very last December, Australian lawmakers from throughout the aisle called on Key Minister Scott Morrison to be part of the U.S. and other countries in passing its have model of the Magnitsky regulation to “take the direct in producing a best follow targeted sanctions regime.”

Still 6 months afterwards, with Australia-China ties only having even worse, Morrison has continue to nonetheless to pull the induce on laws that would allow for his federal government to join allies in imposing coordinated sanctions towards officers from the country’s premier trading spouse.

When asked very last 7 days why the administration hadn’t introduced

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Australia, New Zealand present united entrance on China | Politics Information

The leaders of New Zealand and Australia have presented a united entrance on China, expressing deep problem about Beijing’s actions in Hong Kong and Xinjiang although pushing for a continued investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who hosted her Australian counterpart, Scott Morrison, for talks on Monday, strongly refuted ideas of variances in the two countries’ method to China.

“You’ll see Australia and New Zealand have broadly been positioned in accurately the similar location on these concerns regularly,” she mentioned at a joint push meeting in Queenstown. “So, I really force back

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